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Aura Jones

Aura Jones has had an accomplished career developing and implementing corporate programs that promote personal and professional development based on a humanistic psychology framework.

Aura served as a professor for several years at Central University of Venezuela and continues to be an influential speaker and communicator.

With COLLOCAMOTION Financial and Wellness, Aura works with businesses, helping them with health insurance and retirement benefits. Additionally, she develops corporate employee wellness programs and has moderated support groups for people seeking personal growth in multiple areas. Aura invites her clients to be proactive in their own health and inspires them to embrace the aging process with purpose.
Aura believes in the correlation between the mind, body, and soul, all of which contributes to overall wellness and quality of life. This philosophy serves as a cornerstone in her personal life and work as a researcher and Medicare benefit advisor, making sure clients are covered financially while minding their total health.  Because healthcare and health insurance plans are constantly changing, Aura is dedicated to making sure her clients fully understand their current insurance options and helping them understand their coverage.


Patricia Colloca Massot

Patricia Colloca Massot is a highly experienced health insurance broker who is licensed in multiple states and has been serving the Medicare community since 2015.

She co-founded COLLOCAMOTION Financial and Wellness in 2010 as a company focused on providing physical, mental, and emotional wellness coaching to clients with a variety of lifestyles, professions, health conditions, and budgets.

While her primary role with COLLOCAMOTION is serving as a health insurance broker and adviser, she is trained and qualified to look at “the big picture,” helping improve her clients’ lives by connecting them with the right insurance coverage as well as other resources to optimize clients’ overall health.

With every new and existing client, Pati's main goal is to help them fully understand their existing coverage and available options in their service area.

Her philosophy is that this is best accomplished by getting to know her clients first before shopping for coverage. She is also an engaging, energetic, and motivational public speaker delivering impactful relevant presentations to large groups, such as a group of employees for small- to medium-sized companies. Pati’s multicultural background and work experience in Italy, Spain and Germany have positively facilitated communication with people from all walks of life.

Throughout her life, Pati has been devoted to fitness and sports, discovering volleyball as a passion from a young age. Through hard work and dedication, she earned a volleyball scholarship and majored in Exercise Physiology, graduating from the University of Central Florida.  Prior to opening COLLOCAMOTION, she started her career working as a personal trainer and functional group exercise instructor before taking a position as Exercise Specialist at Orlando Health, where she came in direct contact with physicians, patients, pharmacists, human resources benefit managers, and multiple healthcare executive administrators.

Included among Pati’s broad base of knowledge in the health insurance industry, she has strong expertise in guiding seniors and people with disabilities as they navigate through state and federal benefits, especially Medicare. This passion she has for helping older adults is rooted in a difficult experience she had as a caretaker for her father [Our Passion] – along with her brother, Oliver – during his final days.

Today, Pati takes great pride in approaching every single client as a whole person, focusing on how she can help her clients develop greater self-efficacy for quality of life. Her attitude is that the more comfortable and freer of anxiety people are, the happier and healthier they’ll be. It extends far beyond simply signing people up for insurance and treating them like a number. It's about using her substantial skills and experience to truly connect at a deeper level to improve her clients’ lives in any way she can.


Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology

Life, Health and Variable Licensed Agent

Certified Health and Wellness Coach. Wellcoaches school of coaching.

CSCS, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. National Strength and Conditioning Association

NSCA-CPT, Certified Personal Trainer. National Strength and Conditioning Association

Certified SilverSneakers Instructor

Oliver Colloca

Oliver Colloca

Oliver is a key partner with COLLOCAMOTION Financial and Wellness, who handles the firm’s marketing and communications, including online communications and social media.

He is also responsible for managing the firm’s IT  – he earned his HNC Administration and Information Technology certification in 2017 – as well as several other critical administrative functions.

Oliver manages our travel medical insurance benefits. These policies are designed to ensure that travelers outside their home country are covered for healthcare needs if they become ill or are injured.

In addition to the work he does managing many of COLLOCAMOTION’s business needs, Oliver has extensive experience in the travel industry, providing unique tours throughout Scotland, where he is based, and parts of Europe.

Because there are so many health benefits for people who travel, both physically and emotionally, Oliver is able to combine his expertise in both travel and healthcare benefits.

The wellness benefits of travel include a reduction of stress, which has been proven through research. For example, studies have shown that women who take vacations twice a year have a substantially lower risk of having a heart attack. Meanwhile, men who don’t take vacations are 30 percent more likely to develop heart disease.

The travel packages that Oliver has created focus on maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle and include hiking, biking, surfing, and camping, as well as more leisurely activities like sightseeing, visiting local restaurants, going to a beach, or exploring a new city.

Oliver combines his two great passions for travel and service by helping clients improve their health, wellness, creativity, and quality of life while being protected financially.


HNC Administration and Information Technology.

Information System Technician. Tenerife, Spain.

A.A Business Administration,Santa Maria University,Caracas, Venezuela.


Certified Official Tourist Guide. (Técnico Superior en Información y Comercialización Turística)

I.E.S. Puerto de La Cruz -Tenerife, Spain.
Certified Lifeguard. Canarian Lifeguard Association, Tenerife, Spain 


Our Mission is to promote healthy lifestyles by coaching people on evidence-based areas of finance and wellness. The information we provide and the relationships we build, bring out the greatness of each one of our clients and those around them by empowering the kind of awareness that results in the motivation to take action for living an abundant and healthy life.

Our Strategy is to accomplish this mission effectively using these avenues:
Health insurance advising, Healthcare provider support, and Education.

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