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Our Passion

In 2012, my brother, Oliver, and I received a call that our father was getting very sick and needed our help. We traveled to his home in Spain and discovered that he had been diagnosed with cancer and only had two weeks to live. Dad was 72 years old and had been a heavy smoker most of his adult life, so there was no mystery as to why he was sick, but it was still difficult for my brother and me. 

Our father was exceptionally skilled in his dental practice, and most of his peers, clients and friends that knew him would say he was the most talented dentist they had ever known. Even though he was remarkably successful in his field, he did not manage to apply that intelligence to his own health. 

So, when Oliver and I arrived in Spain, we immediately became our Dad’s caretakers. However, in addition to helping him with his basic needs, we also had to deal with his health insurance providers and started to prepare for his final arrangements, which at the time, were issues that were completely unfamiliar to us. It was a nightmare. We had to figure it all out, practically from scratch, at a time when we just wanted to be with our Dad. We wanted to focus on him, letting him know how much he was loved, and make him as comfortable as possible. We wanted to spend our time with him.

From this experience, we realized that we could make a real difference in people’s lives by helping them avoid this kind of heartache. We were inspired to take the renewed sense of empathy that grew from this difficult experience and included health insurance coaching for seniors as part of our services. Our personal journey with our dad ignited a passion to become that resource that we did not have at the time we needed the most.

For me, and all of us at COLLOCAMOTION Financial and Wellness, we see every day as a unique opportunity to help people navigate through the complexities of healthcare while promoting a healthy abundant life. 

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