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Shyra Elkins

Because I’m disabled, including some mental illness, I was looking for a Medicare plan and they’re a little bit difficult to understand.

I see 13 different doctors and specialists so I needed to be covered for all of them. And coverage for mental illness can be tough because there aren’t enough providers on a lot of the plans and some of them are not clear on how it’s covered.

So, I went on a local Facebook group and asked for somebody who could help me. Patricia was recommended by about six different people within a few minutes and she was able to meet me the next day. She asked me to come in with a list of my doctors and the medications I'm on so she could go through every single plan and figure out the best one for me. She went through every single one of them and figured out that I was entitled to more benefits than the state had said and was able to help with that as well.

I've been working with Patricia for about three years now and she always makes the effort and takes the time necessary to find the right program for my circumstances. She’s always informative and kind and she's very patient – my goodness, does she have patience! I definitely wouldn't trust anybody else when it comes to helping me with my healthcare coverage needs.

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