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As an international employer, it’s essential to provide the proper benefits to your employees. That’s what attracts and retains top-level staff. To do so, you must ensure that they receive worldwide access to quality care, superior international claims administration and the financial stability you expect from an established leader in global insurance and assistance services. At International Medical Group (IMG), we are dedicated to delivering exceptional health benefits, medical assistance and 24/7 customer care—all tailored to fit your unique needs. Because IMG performs all administration, customer service, and emergency assistance functions in-house, we can ensure that your group members get the highest quality and most cost-effective care available. This also helps you control your group health care expenses now and into the future. In response to our global clients’ evolving needs, we have designed GEOS Group, which offers a base plan and an alternative plan, plus additional coverage options. This customizable benefits package is specially designed for multinational employers seeking Global Peace of Mind as their employees embark on their travels

Who the plan is designed for:

•College students studying abroad

•Foreign au pairs and nannies

•Families sponsoring exchange students

•International vacationers  

•Individual or group missionaries

•Relatives visiting from overseas

•Recently arrived immigrants

Who the plan is designed for:


•Multinational employers with two or more employees

•Employees living and working outside of their home country

•Third country or key local nationals

•Independently contracted employees 

COVID-19 coverage for travelers to the U.S.

Who the plan is designed for:

•Travelers wanting first-class medical coverage

•Vacationing families and individuals 

•Traveling executives 

Who the plan is designed for:

•Travelers under 76 who are covered by an individual or group medical plan and travel internationally frequently throughout the year 



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