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Giving You Peace of Mind

Dealing with medical issues, whether it is an ongoing condition or a sudden illness or injury, can be stressful. And while you are trying to recover or help a family member get better, the last thing you want to face is not knowing if your medical expenses will be covered. And this is not the time to find out that you were enrolled in the wrong plan. At times like these, having a health insurance plan you have confidence in can be a real comfort.

Very few decisions you make in life are both as crucially important and complicated as selecting a health insurance plan. At COLLOCAMOTION Financial & Wellness, we understand that it is difficult because you are not an insurance expert, and you are faced with all these facts and figures, with too many choices.


How do you know which plan is best for you?

"We get it… and we are here to help"

At COLLOCAMOTION, we are experts in health insurance. But we are also experts in people. We take the time necessary to listen to you so we can understand what your unique health insurance needs are. We work hard to gain the kinds of insights you simply cannot get by asking someone to fill out some generic online form.


When we first meet with you, we prefer to sit across a table and get to know you a little. Our clients tell us consistently that this makes all the difference in the world because they feel like they are getting the information and guidance they need to make the right decision for themselves and their families.


How we work


We see the relationships we have with all our clients as “partnerships,” and there are specific things we both bring to the table as partners. Our goal with every client as a benefits adviser is much more than just to provide adequate coverage. We strive to find the plan that gives you the best possible coverage at the most affordable rate, which means we have to understand your unique healthcare circumstances so we can address your needs.


Also, we are not one of those insurance agencies that “closes the deal” to meet a quota and then disappears until the next enrollment period. We make sure you understand your coverage so that you can feel confident about it once it's in place. We’ll even call you from time to time to see how you’re doing and answer any questions you may have. It is all part of the compassion and empathy that provides the foundation for our work.


An approach based on solutions

Once we understand your needs and circumstances, we get to work. Our agency has access to a wide range of health insurance plans, and they are all different, which means each plan may be stronger in some areas than others. That is where our expertise is most valuable – of the dozens of plans available to us, we can recommend a plan that will give you the best coverage.


Our guiding philosophy at COLLOCAMOTION is that the point of health insurance is not simply to protect you financially if you need medical care. The bigger picture is that it is there to help you stay healthy and happy. That is why we offer wellness consulting programs that include fitness and nutrition, among other areas of focus.


We also have a network of preferred partners – companies we do business with that address a varied range of needs for many of our clients. This includes different types of insurance, financial services, legal consultations, and more. So, give us a call or fill out our contact form and let us know how we can help you. We are here to listen!

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