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Wellness Programs

Dedicated to helping small businesses and different types of organizations discover, develop and implement their own wellness plans.

We integrate the process of wellness coaching to facilitate through stages of change serving as “co-pilots” for self-exploration to help individuals move upward in areas of finance, physical exercise, healthy nutrition, sustainable stress management, finding emotional peace, meaningful interpersonal relationships, career and more. We become co-creative partners in our clients’ journeys to reach their vision and goals.

Small businesses and different organizations are now introducing more tools and programs that can really make a difference in productivity and overall satisfaction at work. Each group of participants is different; therefore, program design starts with a comprehensive needs analysis.

Employee Benefits

Specializing in providing or enhancing employee benefit options to small business owners.

In today’s world, most employers can now count on resources, tools and a team of independent benefit advisors that can provide solutions giving their small business the large corporation “feel” without compromising their bottom line.

Employers can now offer benefits that are personalized based on their unique business needs while still being affordable. Companies that implement these type of plans, attract and retain the highest quality employees while helping them protect them and their families against catastrophic financial loss in case of sickness or unforeseen events. We help employers and employees protect what matters most – their health and financial well-being.

Employer Tax Advantages

Looking for a way to reduce your tax liability and offer benefits that realistically suit the needs of your individual employees?

We sit down with the decision makers of a business and review types of benefit plans that allow employees to choose among a variety of options to create a benefits package that best meets their needs and those of their family while also benefiting from special exceptions to federal income tax rules that apply to an employee’s earnings as well as providing the business with potential payroll tax savings.

Between the complexity of the tax codes and the predictable changes in laws and regulations, employers should seek assistance. Whether you are large enough to hire a financial officer or you rely on the assistance of trusted external advisors, we recommend getting advice. Employers need professional assistance to implement plans that are legal and that benefit both the employer and the employees.

Protect Your Business

We know running a business takes a lot of moving parts and it can all be challenging.  Owners are faced with having to make multiple difficult decisions these days, including business succession, protection and retirement.

We can help our business owner clients evaluate options and select the right business insurance strategy using insurance to address these concerns.

Retirement Planning

Funding retirement isn’t what it used to be. For the past few generations of Americans, the traditional strategy of counting on Social Security, private pensions, and personal savings was enough. Not anymore!

It’s not just about the economy.

The responsibility of retirement is shifting from employer and government programs to individuals, like you and me. We are not accessing the right financial education resources and tools early in life and simultaneously are bombarded with multiple ways we can fall into major debt even before we have graduated from college. This combination is detrimental, however, we have a solution which is based on properly educating our clients so they can have a solid starting point for taking charge of their finances and retirement. Some people think that working more to generate more income is the only way to achieve wealth, we know it takes more than just hard work. We meet clients in all seasons of life and guide them to help them achieve the lifestyle they desire.

Contact our experts today. You don’t have to do it alone! 

Succession Planning

Having a business succession plan is vital for a smooth and orderly transition of ownership and management of a business in the event of the retirement, death or disability of one or more of the partners. Without strategic proper planning, this type of transition can cause normal business operations to suffer and, in some cases, can lead to major interruptions forcing a premature sale of the business.

Business succession planning can ensure that the remaining partners have the funds necessary to buy the individual’s business interest, or that a potential buyer with the proper expertise is lined up ahead of time to keep the business alive.

The challenges many small business owners face include maintaining consistent cash flow and stable balance sheets, this can be an ongoing battle that consumes a lot of their time. Retirement often seems like a distant mirage on the horizon, let alone plans to hand over the business. However, establishing a sound business succession plan early in the game is the ticket for most business owners who want to handle life changes proactively, preserve a legacy and provide financial security to a loved one.

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